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Hugh Thomson
Dates: Irish British, 1860 - 1920
Biographical Account:

Hugh Thomson was a popular book illustrator in the late Victorian period and early 1900s. He was born in Belfast, where from the age of 17 he trained at Marcus Ward & Co, a prominent publishing house in the city. At 23 he moved to England where he worked for MacMillan & Co, who employed some of the foremost illustrators of the day. His particular style was nostalgic and romantic, full of country scenes and pretty figures. 


Thomson exhibited his drawings occasionally, including a joint exhibition at the Fine Art Society in 1891 with Kate Greenaway. By the early 1900s, some of Thomson’s illustrations were printed in colour, in works ranging from by JM Barrie (author of Peter Pan) to Shakespeare. By 1914, both Thomson’s health and the number of commissions he received were in decline, and he died in London in 1920.

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