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A S Hutchinson & Co Taxidermy
Dates: c. 1877 - c. 1911
Biographical Account: Arnold Solomon Hutchinson was a Sheffield born naturalist and taxidermist.  He was the son of Solomon and Ann Hutchinson, who lived in the Wadsley Bridge/Fox Hill area of Sheffield.  His father was a steel forgeman and initially Arnold followed his father into this profession.  However, Arnold must have harboured an interest in wildlife and taxidermy from a young age; In 1877, the museum began to acquire taxidermy specimens from him and by 1881, Arnold had dropped steelwork altogether to become a professional naturalist and taxidermist.  He opened a shop in Derby and founded A S Hutchinson and Co Taxidermy.  The company thrived and was particularly well known for their birds.  In 1893, he annotated The Birds of Derbyshire by Frederkick Bulstrode Whitlock (a bank manager and ornithologist, who in 1898 was arrested when he absconded to Australia with several thousands of pounds from the banks vaults). When Arnold sadly died in 1909, it's likely that his company ceased to operate soon after.  He and his wife Kate had no children to pass the shop to.  The last items to enter the museum from A S Hutchinson & Co was in 1911.
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