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Miss Catherine Cutler
Dates: 1785 - 1866
Biographical Account: Catherine Cutler was a Devon based phycologist (seaweed expert).  She was part of an unnofficial national network of female 'seaweedisers;' a network which included (and was arguably headed by) Sheffield's seaweed expert Margaret Gatty.  Little is known about Miss Cutler's life.  She never married, and lived for much of her life with her two unmarried sisters, Eleanor and Elizabeth.  The three lived together in East Budleigh and Exmouth Littleham.  The census shows that the three sisters lived by independent means, suggesting a wealthy background.  This gave Cutler the freedom to pursue the study of seaweed.  Cutler doesn't appear to have ever published any scientific work in her own right, although she certainly provided specimens and probably illustrations to many significant scientists, including William Henry Harvey.  The noted botanist, Robert Kaye Greville, named a Genus of algae 'Cutleria' in her honour.
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