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Bostock's Jungle
Dates: 1910 - 1913
Biographical Account: Bostock's Jungle was the name of Frank Bostock's menagerie in Sheffield.  The menagerie visited Sheffield twice, for around 6 months on each occasion; Once between November 1910 to May 1911 and again in October 1912 to May 1913.  The menagerie was based on Hawley Street off Campo Lane.  It was certainly an offshoot of his relative (uncle-in-law) George Wombwell's earlier menagerie.  Bostock's menagerie travelled around the country.  Both occasions the menagerie visited Sheffield were in winter, which undoubtedly hastened the death of many of it's exotic attractions, which may explain the comparatively high quantity of  menagerie material in Sheffield's natural history collections.   Inside the Jungle were several smaller displays of animals, each with their own name.  The Primate House, from where many of the primates in Sheffield's collection originated, was known as Darwin Villa.  Although primarily a showman and business man, one of Bostock's aims was to educate the public about the natural world.  When his animals died, as many inevitably did, he often gave the corpses to universities and museums for study and further display, even though he could almost certainly have made a profit by selling them.
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