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Edward Henry Wake
Dates: 1853 - 1894
Biographical Account: Edward Henry Wake was the eldest son of Sheffield solicitor Bernard Wake and his wife Jane N Wake.  He was born in Sheffield in 1853, but moved away at an early age, initially to live with relatives and later to public school, possibly in Essex and Kent.  At some point during  the 1870s, Wake took the monumental decision to visit New Zealand; his reason for leaving is unknown.  in 1881, he was joined by his sister, Jane and they stayed at the Commerical Hotel in the Bay of Plenty.  Many species of bird in New Zealand are endemic, occurring nowhere else in the world and on that basis, were quite attractive to hunters.  Whilst in New Zealand, like many European visitors to the islands, Edward hunted and collected a wide range of birds.  Some these are now considered critically endangered or completely extinct, mostly as a result of hunting.  By 1891, Edward had returned to Sheffield, bringing his collection of rare birds with him.  He took to working as a solicitor in his father's practise, but died three years later, aged just 41.
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