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Titian Vecelli
Dates: Venetian, 1488 - 1576
Biographical Account:

Tiziano Vecellio (1488-1576) was one of the most famous painters in Venice during the 1500s. He was celebrated in his lifetime for his use of bright colours and his work influenced many painters over the next 5 centuries.


He was from one of Venice's more aristocratic families, but his father apprenticed him as a child to the studio of Gentile Bellini, who ran one of Venice's most popular art studios. After his apprenticeship, Titian became assistant to another influential painter, Giorgione, but even before the deaths of Bellini, Bellini's sons and Giorgione, he was celebrated as the most distinguished and talented painter in Venice.


Titian carried out many commissions in Venice, both for its palaces and its religious institutions and received a pension from the Venetian government. He was also popular in Rome and as a portrait painter to Europe's aristocracy and royalty.

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