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Mr Edwin Robinson
Dates: 1880 - 1962
Biographical Account: Edwin Robinson was a fruit salesman in Castlefolds Market at the beginning of the 20th century.  On the 24th of October, 1922, he found a strange animal hiding in a consignment of bananas.  Alarmed, he struck out at the animal, chopping off a 3 inch portion of it's tail.  After realising it was harmless, he managed to capture the animal and took it to the museum.  The curator identified it as an Ashy Opposum, a small marsupial native to South America, where the bananas had come from.  While this story is a quite remarkable in itself, what is truly strange is that three years later, Robinson found another small mammal, this time having set up a home in the ripenning room of the market.  He once again captured the animal and took it to the museum, where they identified it as another Ashy Opposum!
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