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Professor Charles Joseph Patten
Dates: 1870 - 1948
Biographical Account: Charles Joseph Patten was born in Ballybrock, just south of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.  He was the son of Richard Patten, a judge in the Irish Court of Exchequer.  He became interested in ornithology and anatomy at a young age; he skinned his first bird at the age of 11 and mounted his first bird, a bullfinch, at the age of 14.  He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1896 and became a demonstrator in anatomy there shortly after.  In 1901, he was elected professor of anatomy in University College, Sheffield (now Sheffield University).  Throughout his tenure, he maintained an interest in ornithology, particularly bird migration, and would spend holidays in his native Ireland observing and collecting birds as they arrived and left.  He became well known around Sheffield for his interesting and accessible writings and lectures on the subject.  In 1947, he opted to move to Farnham in Surrey, but before leaving Sheffield, he donated his collection of birds to Weston Park Museum.  Sadly, Professor Patten died the following year.
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