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Gerald Spencer Pryse
Dates: British, 1882 - 1956
Biographical Account:

Gerald Spencer Pryse was a Welsh artist and lithographer. Born in 1882, he was orphaned as a child. He studied in London and Paris to become a lithographer, being trained to be a painter in oils would have been too expensive.


During the First World War he was a soldier based in France and Belgium. He was awarded the Military Cross and the Croix de Guerre, Order of the Crown of Belgium. He is also reputed to have carried lithographic stones around with him recording the troops, villages and refugees.


He applied to become a War Artist at the end of 1916, but his applications were overlooked due to his success as a soldier. He was eventually granted permission in March 1917. 


Pryse also designed posters for the Labour Party, what became London Underground and for the British Red Cross. He was commissioned by the Empire Marketing Board to produce lithographed posters showing people, customs and industries of Commonwealth nations.


In later life Pryse visited and then moved to Morocco. He died in 1956.
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