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Henry Stacy Marks
Dates: British, 1829 - 1898
Biographical Account:

Marks was initially trained as a coach maker in London but was later allowed to train as an artist at the Royal Academy Schools and in Paris. From a young age, Marks had reasonable success as an portrait painter and artist but, as the son of a poor family he supplemented his private work by painting large-scale domestic wall paintings. He also made designs for stained glass windows, book illustrations and ceramics as this was better paid. In addition he helped design the massive frieze that runs around the Royal Albert Hall in London.


As Marks’ career progressed he also became interested in birds, which he studied and drew from life in London Zoo. He was a member of the ‘St John's Wood Clique’, a group of artists based in London who became known for their practical jokes. His painting therefore shows a range of different styles. Some is very naturalistic and linked to the Pre-Raphaelite style. Other paintings and motifs are much more light-hearted and in consequence, sold very well.

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