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Rev Dr David Landsborough
Dates: 1779 - 1854
Biographical Account:

Rev Dr David Landsborough was a clergyman, born in Dalray in  South-West  Scotland in the late 18th century.  He became acquainted with Margaret Gatty at some point in the 1850s, by which time he was living in Saltcoats, near Glasgow, and they frequently corresponded until his death in 1854.  Landsborough was a gifted and observant naturalist, particularly interested in marine life, much like Gatty herself.  And like Gatty, he also wrote a popular book on seaweeds, zoophytes and corals.

Landsborough had a son, who was also called David, was ordained into the church and who was fascinated with seaweeds.  David Landsborough jnr (1826 - 1912) seemingly reprinted his father's book on seaweeds in 1857.  It cannot be certain that all of the specimens marked up as 'Landsborough' were from the father, rather than the son.  However, as a few are labelled Dr Landsborough, they are more likely to be the father.  David Landsborough Jnr didn't receive a doctorate until 1901.

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