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Hermanus Koekkoek the Younger
Dates: Dutch, 1836 - 1909
Biographical Account:

Hermanus Koekkoek the Younger was born in Amsterdam on the 8th December 1836. He was born into the third generation of the Koekkoek artist family and learnt to paint under his father Hermanus Koekkoek the Elder (1815-1882). He used the pseudonyms ‘Jan van Couver’ and ‘L van Staaten’ possibly to disassociate his paintings from his the Koekkoek family. He specialised in painting maritime and landscape scenes and was strongly influenced by The Hague School of Artists. The Hague School were inspired by 17th century subjects but were less concerned by topographical accuracy. They used broad gestural brushwork suggesting atmosphere and mood in their landscape paintings. Around 1880 Hermanus the Younger’s work became less Romantic and moved towards Realism. The influence of The Hague School is more evident.


Hermanus the Younger was also an art dealer and made many trips to England in the 1860s to sell his own paintings and works by his family including his father and uncle, Hermanus the Elder and Barend Cornelis Koekkoek. He was based in London from 1869 and opened an art gallery in 1880.


He died in London on the 4th June 1909 and was buried in The Hague.

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