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James Havenhand
Dates: 1864-1951
Biographical Account:

James Havenhand lived at Holmley Farm in Coal Aston, near Dronfield. He specialised in repoussé work, in which patterns or images are indented into the surface of a metal object.

In his biographical account of members of the Sheffield Artcrafts Guild, Joseph Beeston Himsworth comments that Havenhand was as a "man with all the skill of the ancient Armourer...By trade he might be described as a metal chaser, proficient in both repoussé and in chasing up castings…Next to Charles Green I am inclined to think he was the most courageous man in dealing with non-ferrous metal that I have ever met".

He also describes Havenhand as an introspective character: "In thinking of his quiet mannerisms, I felt that he had very little need for speech for he could make a piece of metal express his thoughts and with the strokes of a heavy hammer compel a sheet of metal to flow where he required it".

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