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H. Housley & Sons Ltd
Biographical Account: Herbert (Bert) Housley became apprenticed to his father, Hubert Housley, in 1939.  Hubert was one of a long line of knife grinders who rented a 'wheel' at the Randall Street factory of R. F. Mosley.  He had a small team of workers including five skilled grinders.  During the Second World War, Hubert became a qualified cutlery manufacturer in John Street, then in Enterprise Works and finally Arundel Street in 1949 where Bert joined him.  The firm produced knives for butchers, chefs and shoe-makers.  By 1951, the firm was being advertised as a manufacturer of 'all types of quality cutlery' and specialised in flatware, exporting worldwide.  Trade names included Nyecroft, Pearlcraft, Tablecraft, Gold Seal, and Elegance.  In 1954 the firm moved to Sydney Works.  Bert retired in 1960.
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