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Elizabeth Gould
Dates: British, 1804 - 1841
Biographical Account:

Gould (born Coxon) was the wife of the prominent ornithologist and naturalist, John Gould. Throughout her married life, she worked alongside her husband in illustrating and lithographing plates for his many books on birds and other wildlife. She also worked on book illustrations for Edward Lear (who taught her lithography on her husband’s request) and Charles Darwin’s ‘Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Beagle’.


Gould was born in Ramsgate, and was a governess before her marriage. As John Gould’s wife, she and her older children travelled with him in 1838 on a 2-year scientific voyage to Australia. She had a base at the Governor’s House in Hobart illustrating birds and wildlife from John’s sketches and notes, whilst he travelled. She died soon after their return in 1840 and her illustrations for her husband’s book ‘Birds of Australia’ were lithographed by Henry Constantine Richter instead.


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