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Durham-Duplex Razor Co.
Biographical Account: Durham-Duplex was originally an American company, set up in New York in the late nineteenth century to manufacture the Durham-Duplex safety razor system. A British company was registered on 11 May 1910 to advertise the safety razor, but after the First World War they planned to move into manufacturing razor blades in Sheffield. They bought shares in W & S Butcher and by 1921 they registered Wade & Butcher Ltd as a new company. This was how they acquired Butcher Works to manufacture their safety razors and blades. By the 1950s the Butcher Works were sold and the company moved to Petre Street, where they still are today. In the 1960s they were sold by their American owners to the management and in 1974 the company was bought by Edward Turner & Son Ltd, turning it into a family business. The company diversified into machine knives and industrial blades, which is now the main source of business.
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