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Sir Muirhead Bone
Dates: British, 1876 - 1953
Biographical Account:

Muirhead Bone was a self taught Scottish printmaker and watercolourist. He was born in 1876. He initially took up architecture, but later went on to study art at the Glasgow School of Art, where he specialised in printmaking.


He moved to London where he met fellow artist William Strang and Alphonse Legros. He became a member the New English Art Club and the Glasgow Art Club.


As he was aged 38 when the war broke out, he was saved from being enlisted in the army, but served as an Official War Artist for the British War Propaganda Bureau. He was commissioned as an honorary Second Lieutenant. He arrived in France during the Battle of the Somme, serving with the Allied forces on the Western Front and also with the Royal Navy. He made over 150 drawings of the war, mainly working in black and white. He enjoyed drawing complex subjects, such as thousands of shells in munitions factories, or large ocean liners.


Bone returned to England, where he drew the shipyards and battleships. He returned to France again in 1917 where he recorded the ruined towns and villages.


At the outbreak of the Second World War, Bone served for the second time as an Official War Artist, specialising in Admiralty portraits, officers, scenes of troops, London ruins and mine laying ships. During this time he produced 60 prints for a portfolio of war drawings.


He died in 1953 in Oxford.
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