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Louise Blandy
Dates: British, 1860 - 1890
Biographical Account:

Louise Virenda Blandy was one of John Ruskin’s drawing pupils. He first began to instruct her in 1873 when she was thirteen years old and began by teaching her to draw fruit using pen and ink. Ruskin mainly conducted his teaching by letter and based it on his published books of art lessons, Elements of Drawing and The Laws of Fésole; he only allowed her to use pencil or watercolour paints after she could draw competently in pen.


Ruskin taught Louise less after 1875, but apparently she received formal training, exhibiting her work in London between 1879 and 1881. She married an American, Ronald MacDonald in 1888, a teacher whom she met in Bristol and emigrated with him to Pennsylvania. After the birth of her daughter Ozella the following year, Louise became ill and died in 1890.

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