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Abbey of Saints Alexander and Theodore, Ottobeuren, Bavaria
Biographical Account:

Ottobeuren Abbey is a Benedictine abbey dedicated to St Alexander the Martyr located in Bavaria, southern Germany. It was founded around 764 and continued to grow until the end of the 1200s when it became an Imperial Abbey. It flourished artistically in the mid 1100s, when its abbot, Isengrim a writer himself fostered the production of decorative books and manuscripts.

The monastery’s fortunes rose and fell over the next three centuries, with a decline and then rise in numbers, the foundation of an abbey printing press which boosted its revenue, soon followed by the devastating effects of the Thirty Years War. The monastery was flourishing again by the 1700s from which the current ornate Baroque and Rococo-styled buildings and interiors date. Today the monastery has around 20 monks living and working in it.

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