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Name of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
'Aspen, Unidealized': Plate from 'Modern Painters', Volume IVCGSG00303 Ruskin Collection late 19th Century29084
'Early Naturalism': Plate from 'Modern Painters', Volume IIICGSG00799 Ruskin Collection 190411881
'Latest Purism': Plate from 'Modern Painters', Volume IIICGSG00662 Ruskin Collection 190412846
'Light in the West, Beauvais': Plate from 'Modern Painters', Volume VCGSG00800 Ruskin Collection 190511600
Collection of the Guild of St George, Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust 'The Dryad's Crown': Plate from 'Modern Painters', Volume VCGSG01001 Ruskin Collection late 19th Century7359
'Wall-Veil Decoration, San Michele, Lucca': Plate from 'The Stones of Venice', Volume ICGSG00632 Ruskin Collection late 19th Century1870
'Windows of the Fifth Order': Plate from 'Stones of Venice', Volume IICGSG00436 Ruskin Collection late 19th Century1874
CGSG03156CGSG03156 Ruskin Collection 19052130
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