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Name of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
Atrichia rufescensCGSG02088 Ruskin Collection 1851-186925263
Cacatua eosCGSG02161 Ruskin Collection 1840-184820136
Calyptorhynchus banksiiCGSG00117 Ruskin Collection 184822835
Casuarius australisCGSG06059 Ruskin Collection 186922115
Casuarius uniappendiculatusCGSG06179 Ruskin Collection 186912628
Chrysophlegma flavinuchaCGSG06236 Ruskin Collection 1850-18834422
Cissa venatoriaCGSG02091 Ruskin Collection 1850-188310732
Coracias indicaCGSG06186 Ruskin Collection 1850-188310065
Coracias temminckiCGSG06165 Ruskin Collection 1850-18839023
Dacelo tyroCGSG02074 Ruskin Collection 1840-18489001
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