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Name of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
Alca impennisCGSG02175 Ruskin Collection 1832-183773420
Anas autumnalisCGSG02240 Ruskin Collection 183726276
Anser palustrisCGSG06065 Ruskin Collection 1832-183738705
Ardea cinereaCGSG06144 Ruskin Collection 183322465
Biziura lobataCGSG02188 Ruskin Collection 18377401
Branta sandvicensisCGSG04965 Ruskin Collection 18375088
Bubo bubo, NH Species DictionaryCGSG00072 Ruskin Collection 183714889
Buon Ricovero, In the Roman Campagna, ItalyVIS.3644 Visual Art 18783977
Chalkis and the Mountains of Euboea from the sea, GreeceVIS.4494 Visual Art 19th Century3625
Chemalopex EgyptiacaCGSG02189 Ruskin Collection 18373782
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