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Sorted AscendingName of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
Ciconia albaCGSG06063 Ruskin Collection 1832-18377291
Corvus frugilegusCGSG06064 Ruskin Collection 1832-18376277
Anser palustrisCGSG06065 Ruskin Collection 1832-183739485
Tetrao tetrisCGSG06066 Ruskin Collection 1832-183711052
Falco peregrinusCGSG06067 Ruskin Collection 1832-18375547
Milvus vulgarisCGSG06068 Ruskin Collection 1832-18375721
Strix flammeaCGSG06069 Ruskin Collection 1832-183710385
Grus cinereaCGSG06094 Ruskin Collection 1832-18376123
Ardea cinereaCGSG06144 Ruskin Collection 183323155
Numidian DemoiselleCGSG06232 Ruskin Collection 1833-18372739
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