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Sorted AscendingName of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
Bubo bubo, NH Species DictionaryCGSG00072 Ruskin Collection 183715180
NycteaCGSG00073 Ruskin Collection about 18375522
Cyanoliseus patagonusCGSG00108 Ruskin Collection 18323994
Cacatua moluccensisCGSG00111 Ruskin Collection 18323779
Ara macaoCGSG00120 Ruskin Collection 18323855
Study of a Female Blue-Winged TealCGSG02092 Ruskin Collection 18374444
Phoenicopterus ruberCGSG00614 Ruskin Collection about 18334922
Ramphastos tocoCGSG02081 Ruskin Collection 18344634
Chemalopex EgyptiacaCGSG02189 Ruskin Collection 18373820
Palaeornis Novae-HollandiaeCGSG02108 Ruskin Collection 18323850
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