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Name of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
'Lake of Como II', from Rogers' 'Italy'CGSG00174 Ruskin Collection 18303801
'Lake of Thun, Switzerland', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG01620 Ruskin Collection 18081148
'Lauffenbourgh on the Rhine', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG01082 Ruskin Collection 18111894
'Little Devil's Bridge over the Russ, above Alldorft, Switzerland', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG01122 Ruskin Collection 180949369
'Loch Coriskin', from 'Scott's Poetical Works'CGSG02511 Ruskin Collection 18341264
'London from Greenwich', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG01128 Ruskin Collection 181149158
'Mer de Glace, Valley of Chamouni, Savoy', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG01097 Ruskin Collection 18121792
'Mill, near the Grand Chartreuse; Dauphiny', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG01104 Ruskin Collection 18165310
'Morpeth, Northumberland', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG01124 Ruskin Collection 180949472
'Mount St Gothard', from 'Liber Studiorum'CGSG00017 Ruskin Collection 18081615
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