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Name of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
Alcedo biruCGSG02150 Ruskin Collection 183748854
Cassicus albiovorensCGSG06169 Ruskin Collection 184238190
Cuculus lugubrisCGSG02152 Ruskin Collection 183723755
Dendrocitta leucogastaCGSG06223 Ruskin Collection 1835-184024974
Drymoica ruficapilla and Drymoica levaillantii.CGSG06316 Ruskin Collection 1838-184919039
Hemipoclius taigrarCGSG06219 Ruskin Collection 183918066
Muscicapa banyumas and Muscicapa hirundinaceaCGSG06220 Ruskin Collection 183718178
Philetaerus lepidusCGSG06317 Ruskin Collection 1838-184916567
Platycercus auricepsCGSG02153 Ruskin Collection 183716066
Psittacula kuhlCGSG02154 Ruskin Collection 183717971
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