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This collection of over 150 carved ivory objects was created by Dr John Grice, who worked in China between 1922 and 1956. The collection was purchased by Dr J G Graves for the City of Sheffield in the 1930s and was displayed in the Graves Art Gallery. It was originally seen as an educational resource for the many ivory carvers who worked in Sheffield’s metalwork trades.

’...the cutlery city of Sheffield; one of the very few places in the world today in which ivory carvers are in full time employment’

Preface to 1958 collection catalogue

The ivories, mostly made in the 1700s and 1800s, were often made as decorative pieces for European collectors. The collection includes calligraphy brush pots, decorative plaques and figures from history and myth that show the immense skill of the artists and craftsmen who made them. They have many stories to tell about Chinese culture and recent research into the collection has allowed us to fully understand their religious, social and historic context.

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Name of ObjectAccession NumberCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
Arm rest2007.286 Ivories 1800s95130
Arm rest2007.287 Ivories 87018
Arm rest2007.288 Ivories 68471
Arm rest2007.289 Ivories 1700s62897
Arm rest2007.217 Ivories 1800s63316
Box2007.290 Ivories 60198
Box2007.303 Ivories 59620
Box2007.216 Ivories 1800s30023
Box2007.339 Ivories Around 187557232
Box2007.340 Ivories 55344
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