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Name of ObjectAccession NumberSorted AscendingCollectionDate Made/FoundTimes Viewed
Macropus rufogriseusTZ517 Natural History 7068
Pan paniscusA1910.5 Natural History c. 08/12/19103248
Bubo scandiacusB15.2.75.60 Natural History before 18752694
Falco tinnunculusB1944.45 Natural History December 19007502
Coturnix coturnixTZ1065 Natural History 584
Crocodylus porosusC8.8.79.1 Natural History Before 1879139577
Ursus maritimusTZ1123 Natural History Spring 194733025
Leontopithecus rosaliaA1930.8 Natural History 449
Heteralocha acutirostrisB1918.22 Natural History 1871 - 18912040
Ornithorhynchus anatinusA1 Natural History Before 18751844
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