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Collection of the Guild of St George, Museums Sheffield
'The Madonna of the Violet' after Stefan Locher
Date Made/Found: 1873
Publisher: The Arundel Society , British, 1849 - 1897
Artist: after Christian Schultz , born 1817
Artist: possibly after Hermann Wynrich, known as Master Wilhelm of Cologne , German, active 1378 - 1413
Artist: possibly after Stefan Lochner , German, 1410 - 1451
Material and Medium: chromolithograph on paper
Dimensions: Support: 633 x 387mm Mount: 685 x 457mm
Department: Ruskin
Accession Number: CGSG01589
This image is filled with symbolism. The Madonna's jewellery shows her to be Queen of Heaven but her traditional red cloak and blue robe also represent her humanity and spirituality. The violet flower she holds represents her humility. The infant Christ wears a crucifix, the symbol of his Passion, and holds one arm up in blessing. The Trinity is also represented here. The Christ child is one part. God the Father is at the upper left holding a banner that translates from the Latin, 'In perpetual love I have chosen you.' He too wears red, his traditional colour. The dove represents the Holy Spirit. His banner reads 'Here I rest myself.' The three angels to the upper right also emphasise the Trinity. The female figure at the lower right is a donor portrait, that is, a portrait of the person who commissioned the work from the artist. The coat-of-arms shows that this figure is Elizabeth von Reichenstein, who became Abbess at the Convent of St Cecelia in Cologne.
Display Location: In Store
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