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© The Estate of Ivor Abrahams Purchased, 1980 Museums Sheffield
Privacy Plots I: Brick Wall
Date Made/Found: 1970
Artist: Ivor Abrahams , British, 1935-2015
Material and Medium: screenprint and flocking on paper
Dimensions: Frame: 788 x 576 x 39mm Sight size: 765 x 550mm Image size: 510 x 478mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.4704
Ivor Abrahams became interested in the subject of gardens in the late 1960s, seeing them as a collective image that he could transform. His images were cut from magazines such as Amateur Gardening. These were re-photographed, enlarged and printed and then the flocking was added. This work forms part of a series of five Privacy Plots, all focused on the suburban garden. Abrahams was a British sculptor, ceramicist and print maker best known for his polychrome sculptures and his stylised prints of garden scenes. His career long exploration of new subject matter, novel techniques and materials made his art dealer, James Mayor, describe him as Europe's equivalent of Robert Rauschenberg.
Display Location: In Store
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