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© By kind permission of the Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust (a registered charity). Purchased, 1965. Museums Sheffield
The Rum Ration
Date Made/Found: 1918
Artist: Percy Wyndham Lewis , British, 1882 - 1957
Material and Medium: pencil and watercolour on paper
Dimensions: Frame: 530 x 426 x 19mm Image size: 340 x 250mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.2778
As well as the darker aspects of war, war artists captured the more positive experiences. Camaraderie and the sense of community amongst battalions were an important means of survival against the unimaginable everyday experiences. Soldiers survived through the use of humour and other small comforts. Correspondence and washing would be sent home and letters and cakes would be received in return. Here Wyndham Lewis has focused on one of the few luxuries the troops had - the rum ration.
Display Location: In Store
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