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Persian Sibyl
Date Made/Found: 1800-1900
Artist: Atributed to British School, 19th Century , 1800 - 1899
Artist: Imitator of Ambrosius Benson , South Netherlandish, 1495 - 1550
Artist: Previously attributed to Flemish School, 16th Century , 1500 - 1599
Material and Medium: oil on panel
Dimensions: Support: 710 x 570 x 21mm Overall: 711 x 570 x 18mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.77
Ambrosius Benson was a 16th century Flemish artist of Italian origin who often painted religious art, and especially half-length portraits of women reading. This painting is probably a 19th century British pastiche of his style. The scroll across the painting identifies the lady as the Persian Sibyl, a prophetic priestess of the god Apollo, who was said to have foretold the birth of Christ. The face of the Sibyl and her rich clothing imitate the 16th century Flemish style, and the textures are depicted in great detail.
Display Location: In Store
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