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© Edna Manley Estate. Presented by the Sheffield Society for the Encouragement of Art, 1937. Museums Sheffield
Date Made/Found: 1929
Artist: Edna Manley , British, 1900 - 1987
Material and Medium: mahogany
Dimensions: Overall: 2006.6 x 508mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.2749
This sculpture shows Eve, who is described as the ‘first woman’ in the Bible. It’s carved from a single piece of mahogany and is full of bends and curves. Eve is twisting to look behind her and this curve of her body is echoed in the curve of her hair. Edna Manley was considered to be the ‘Mother of Jamaican art’. She originally studied Zoology in London but then turned to sculpture. She created simple forms in her work and only included essential details, often using native woods such as Yaka and Mahogony.
Display Location: Graves Gallery

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