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Bequest John Newton Mappin, 1887. Museums Sheffield
Date Made/Found: 1853
Artist: Attributed to Barend Cornelis Koekkoek , Dutch, 1803 - 1862
Material and Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: Sight size: 773 x 1061mm Overall: 1109 x 1389 x 104mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.1430
Barend Cornelis Koekkoek was one of the most celebrated Dutch landscape artists of the 19th century and perhaps the most Romantic. He specialised in painting detailed panoramic views of the Rhine Valley and idyllic wooded landscapes. He and his three brothers learnt to paint under their father, Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek (1778-1851) and their work was particularly popular with English and American gentlemen on The Grand Tour of Europe. He often painted cattle grazing in wooded landscapes and you can see two figures and a dog shepherding nearby.
Display Location: In Store
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