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Purchased, 1982. Museums Sheffield
Designer: John Henry Dearle , 1859-1932
Maker: Morris & Co
Associated with: William Morris , British, 1834 - 1896
Material and Medium: woodblock on paper
Dimensions: Frame: 881 x 560 x 17mm Sight size: 745 x 430mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.5124.24
This design was made by John Henry Dearle for Morris & Co. Morris designed over 50 wallpapers and his company continued to design another 49. Dearle was taught by Morris and his style was so similar that patterns were exhibited under Morris’s name and even today his patterns are sold as Morris designs. Morris began designing wallpaper as he couldn’t find a suitable supplier to decorate his own hour. Morris chose to use the traditional method of hand wood block printing, even though at the time most wallpaper was being made by roller printing, which made production much quicker and cheaper.
Display Location: In Store
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