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On loan from a private collection
Plage en Normandie, France
Date Made/Found: 1890
Artist: Eugène Louis Boudin , French, 1824 - 1898
Material and Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: Frame: 678 x 974 x 105mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.LI.900
This painting shows figures on a beach in Boudin’s home region of Normandy, possibly at Tourgévilleles-Sablons. From the 1860s, the artist witnessed the increasing popularity of Normandy with tourists and he records this in his paintings. Eugène Boudin was an important influence on Impressionist artists like Claude Monet (1840–1926). Boudin worked en plein air (outdoors) and encouraged the young Monet to do the same. ‘If I have indeed become a painter, I owe it to Eugène Boudin… with infinite kindness he set about my education.’ Claude Monet
Display Location: Graves Gallery

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