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Pica pica
Common Name: Black-billed Magpie
Date Made/Found: before 1876
Donor: Mr Henry Seebohm , 1832 - 1895
Collector: Collected by F Petit
Place Object Found: Champagne
Department: Natural History
Accession Number: B22.3.76.107
Victorian ornithologists collected birds as people today collect football stickers and they were often very generous with their specimens, giving them to any interested parties. They would also play swapsies with other bird collectors. Henry Seebohm had a network of ornithologists around Europe with whom he would exchange material and Seebohm dilligantly noted the original collectors of each specimen. While research into the names of the collectors has often highlighted fascinating relationships with some of the world's best known early ornithologists, occasionally, the original collector's name draws a blank. This is the case for this magpie, which was collected in France by someone called F Petit, but this name doesn't appear to belong to any particularly well known ornithologists.
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