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Erismatura leucocephala
Common Name: White-headed Duck
Date Made/Found: 10/05/1874
Donor: Mr Henry Seebohm , 1832 - 1895
Previous owner: Mr Henry Seebohm , 1832 - 1895
Collector: John Alexander Harvie-Brown
Dimensions: Size when on display: 232 × 320 × 165mm (9 1/8 × 12 5/8 × 6 1/2in.)
Place Object Found: Transylvania
Department: Natural History
Accession Number: B22.3.76.395
This specimen of Whiteheaded duck was collected by the ornithologist John Harvie-Brown, during a trip to Transylvania in 1874. He gave the specimen to the Sheffield based ornithologist Henry Seebohm, who subsequently donated it to Weston Park Museum in 1876. The specimen is a valuable record of this now endangered species of duck.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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