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Panthera leo
Common Name: Lion
Date Made/Found: 1888 - 1892
Vendor: Frank Charles Bostock , 1866 - 1912
Taxidermist: A S Hutchinson & Co Taxidermy , c. 1877 - c. 1911
Associated with: Wombwell's Menagerie , Founded 1810
Place Object Found: Africa
Department: Natural History
Accession Number: A92.6a
During the 19th century, menageries and circuses would travel around the country, displaying animals in fairs throughout the UK. Although the animals were their most valuable asset, they weren't particularly well treated, partly because of Victorian attitudes to animal welfare, but also because the menagery owners didn't know how to look after them as we do today. As a result, animals would often die whilst on the road. Whenever this happenned, entrepeneurial menagery owners would sell the corpse to anyone who would buy it.

In fact, menageries were a vital source of exotic animal skins for museums in the 19th century. This lion, known as Joey, died aged 4 in 1892 while Wombwell's Menagery was passing through Sheffield. Museum staff purchased the corpse which was mounted by Alexander Hutchinson of Derby. Joey was displayed in the museum soon after and became a firm favourite with visitors for nearly 100 years. Joey is currently in storage, awaiting conservation.
Display Location: In Store
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