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Date Made/Found: 240 AD
Vendor: John Percy Heathcote , 1904 - (?)1981
Excavator: Joseph Clee Heathcote , 1874 - 1952
Excavator: John Percy Heathcote , 1904 - (?)1981
Material and Medium: Silver
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: 1981.1570
A Roman Imperial Radiate from Robin Hood's Stride in Derbyshire. The coin was issued during the reign of Emperor Gordian III (238-244 AD) and is a 3rd issue. It was probably produced at the mint in Rome. Robin Hood's Stride is a late Iron Age to Romano-British settlement, and was excavated by J. Percy Heathcote and J. Clee Heathcote in 1938.
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