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Date Made/Found: 1977
Manufacturer: Daniel Doncaster & Sons Ltd , founded 1778
Associated with: St. Andrew's Methodist Church , founded 1897
Dimensions: Overall: 450 x 100mm
Department: Social History
Accession Number: 2002.44
This “supersonic cross” was specially made to celebrate the 80th anniversary of St Andrew's Methodist church in 1977. The blades of the cross are made from high Nickel Alloy, like the blades from the Olympus 593 twin spool turbo jet engines of Concorde. The ring and conical base are of stainless steel, and the wooden part of the base is Sapele teak. The making of the cross was organised by Don Ross, who worked at Daniel Doncaster's. It was created by first year engineering apprentices. Don Ross called it "The Supersonic Cross". The reference to Concorde is meant to symbolise the power of the cross- Concorde was one of the most powerful and modern machines of the time.
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