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Date Made/Found: 1890-1910
Artist: Omar Ramsden , 1873 - 1939
Material and Medium: card, fabric and paper
Dimensions: Overall: 190 x 258 x 12mm (7 1/2 x 10 3/16 x 1/2in.)
Department: Decorative Art
Accession Number: 2007.486
This object is a folio of sketches by Omar Ramsden, (1873-1939). Handwritten on the inside cover are his name and address, which is given as Fir Street in Walkley, Sheffield. The folio contains a number of sketches in pencil and watercolour. They include images of objects, as well as details from architecture. There is a beautiful sketch of a chalice in pencil and watercolour. Sketched on another page are images of a tea and coffee service. We do not know if these are objects Ramsden sketched as inspiration for his work, or if they formed the basis of one of his own designs. The fluted bodies and rounded shapes are certainly reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts style, which was fashionable at the time and influenced Ramsden's work. Another page in the folio is labelled "Capitols on Ponte Prossima A Palazzo Ducale Venezia". In architecture, capitols (or capitals) are the head or crowning feature of a column. It is known that Ramsden travelled around Europe with his friend and collaborator, Alwyn Carr, between 1897 and 1898. This included trips to France, Switzerland and Italy. Ramsden sketched a number of capitols at the Palazzo Ducale, presumably during a visit to Venice. The Palazzo Ducale, also known as the Doge's Palace, is an outstanding example of Gothic architecture. The building originated in the 9th century AD and has been subject to many periods of rebuilding and expansion. The Palazzo Ducale was the residence of the Doge of Venice (Chief Magistrate and leader of the Republic of Venice) and also housed the main government offices.
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