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Date Made/Found: 1927
Designer: Omar Ramsden , 1873 - 1939
Material and Medium: silver
Department: Decorative Art
Accession Number: 2004.855
This spoon is by Omar Ramsden, (1873-1939), who is regarded as one of the leading English designers of silverware. This spoon was assayed in 1927, but shows a number of stylistic influences from much earlier times. This is often a feature of Ramsden's work. The spoon has a rounded bowl and halfway up the stem is a pierced decorative feature with a twisted appearance. This is a reinterpretation of a wrythen knop, which was applied to spoons in the early 1500s. Originally, this twisted feature would be located at the end of the stem. However, Ramsden has placed it halfway down the length of the stem. The back of the bowl has a rat tail, which is a tapering strip of silver running from the stem onto the back of the bowl. These began to be used by spoonmakers in the 1600s and act as a decorative feature, while also adding strength to the join between the bowl and stem. This object forms part of the Bill Brown Collection. Supported by The Art Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Friends of Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust.
Display Location: In Store
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