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Collection of the Guild of St George, Museums Sheffield
Dissertatio de Generatione et Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium: In quâ, praeter Vermes & Erucas Surinamenses, Earumque admirandam metamorphosin, Plantae, flores & fructus, quibus vescuntur, & in quibus fuerunt inventae, exhibentur. His adjunguntur Bufones, Lacerti, Serpentes, Araneae, Aliaque admiranda istius regionis animalcula; omnia manu ejusdem Matronae in America ad vivum accuratè depicta & nunc aeri incisa. Accedit Appendix Transformationum Piscium in Ranas, & Ranarum in Pisces.
Date Made/Found: 1726
Artist: Maria Sibylla Merian , German, 1647 - 1717
Author: Maria Sibylla Merian , German, 1647 - 1717
Printmaker: Pieter Sluyter , Dutch, 1675 - 1735
Printmaker: Joseph Mulder
Printmaker: D Stoopendaal , Dutch
Publisher: Pierre Gosse
Material and Medium: book, leather bound
Dimensions: Overall: 518 x 365 x 34mm
Department: Ruskin
Accession Number: CGSG04058
Display Location: In Store
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