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Set of teaspoons
Date Made/Found: 1920-1940
Maker: George Ellis , British, 1863 - 1944
Previous owner: George Ellis , British, 1863 - 1944
Retailer: Asprey & Co Ltd
Material and Medium: EPNS, textile, wood, leather
Dimensions: Overall: 25 x 115mm (1 x 4 1/2in.)
Department: Decorative Art
Accession Number: Virtual2007.433-439
These teaspoons are made from EPNS. Each is marked 'ASPREY A1'. This indicates that they were retailed by Asprey & Co Ltd of New Bond Street, London. Sheffield craftsmen and London retailers… Although the spoons bear the mark of Asprey, they were almost certainly made by the Sheffield silversmith, George Ellis. The spoons were donated to the Designated Metalwork Collection alongside other examples of work by Ellis. Throughout their history, Asprey had produced a significant quantity of silverware in house. However, the production of most of their EPNS goods was outsourced to firms in Sheffield. The reason for this is that the production of EPNS goods requires complex equipment and processes that are not necessary for the manufacture of those made from silver. In addition to sets of teaspoons, George Ellis supplied Asprey & Co Ltd with coffee pots and toast racks made from EPNS. Unfortunately, the Asprey archive was destroyed during World War II, so it not possible to shed any further light on the relationship between the two firms. Asprey continue to make goods in silver and gold today, much of which is produced in their own workshop. They no longer retail in EPNS, as the demand for these goods has decreased within their particular consumer market. These objects are part of the George Ellis Collection.
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