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Date Made/Found: 1983-1986
Manufacturer: Egginton Bros Ltd , British
Vendor: George Ibberson & Company
Manufacturer: George Ibberson & Company
Material and Medium: stainless steel, plastic, paper, leather
Dimensions: Overall: 40 x 192mm (1 9/16 x 7 9/16in.) (knife open) Overall: 113 x 166mm (4 7/16 x 6 9/16in.) (information card)
Department: Decorative Art
Accession Number: 1986.140
This object is a folding knife with two blades and a sturdy plastic handle. The original packaging describes the object as an 'Action Knife'. Contemporary catalogues also market it as a 'Liferaft Knife'. The primary blade on the knife is a pattern called 'All Weather'. It has a large 'hump-back' ring pull that enables it to be pulled open safely in extreme weather conditions, even when the user is wearing thick gloves. The blade has a rounded end, ensuring it would not puncture an inflatable craft when in use. The second blade has a tab so that it can also be opened easily. It features a bottle opener, screwdriver and a shackle key for use on yachts. The knife also features a leather thong that is attached to one end of the handle. This would be placed around the wrist when the knife was in use for added security. This knife was made by George Ibberson (Sheffield) Ltd. The firm George Ibberson & Co was incorporated into Egginton Bros Ltd (now The Egginton Group) in 1983 and renamed. The knife was made shortly after the company was bought by Egginton Bros Ltd. The Ibberson family of cutlers had a long history in Sheffield, dating back to at least the 1700s. The business remained a family concern until its takeover in 1983. George Ibberson & Co specialised in the manufacture of a wide range of pocket knives, razors and table knives. They used a number of trademarks, including a Violin.
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