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© Courtesey of Avinash Chandra Estate c/o Osbourne Samuel Purchased, 1968 Museums Sheffield
Drawing 3
Date Made/Found: 1963
Artist: Avinash Chandra , Indian, 1931 - 1991
Material and Medium: watercolour on paper
Dimensions: Mount: 571 x 660mm Sight size: 399 x 501mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.3419
Avinash Chandra studied at Delhi Polytechnic Art School from 1947-1951, where he was taught about the ‘alien’ art of Europe and the west rather than Indian art. His talent was acknowledged early in his career when one of his first paintings was bought by the then newly established Museum of Modern Art in Delhi. It was also awarded First Prize in the first National Exhibition of Indian Art. However, Chandra yearned for artistic liberation and moved to the UK with his artist wife, Prem, in 1956 after she was awarded an art scholarship to study at the Central School of art in London. The move was a catalyst for Chandra to break away from his early teachings in pursuit of a new artistic expression that was entirely his own. Drawing 3 is an early work in his transition from artistic interpretation of the natural world to an interest in the erotic. These images are often introduced as part of a wider picture, incorporating other poetic symbols from nature itself. In this particular work the purple red tones emulate the depth of the universe, with the dark rings echoing the form of galaxies.
Display Location: In Store
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