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© The Artist's Estate. All Rights Reserved 2010 / Bridgeman Art Library. Purchased with the assistance of the V&A Purchase Grant Fund, 1977. Museums Sheffield
Ypres after the First Bombardment
Date Made/Found: 1916
Artist: Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson , British, 1889 - 1946
Material and Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: Frame: 991 x 1248 x 73mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.4347
This is an aerial view of the city of Ypres in Belgium. During the First World War the town experienced heavy fighting and was badly bombed. In this painting, C R W Nevinson used the fragmented, jagged technique of the Italian Futurists to show the devastation of the war. Nevinson had been posted to France with the Red Cross in 1916 and was later made official war artist. Initially a strong advocate for Futurism and the glorification of war, he soon changed his mind after his first hand experience of the death and destruction. ‘[I saw] sights so revolting that man seldom conceived them in his mind... we could only help, and ignore, shrieks, pus, gangrene and the disembowelled...’ C R W Nevinson
Display Location: In Store
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