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© Elizabeth Blackadder. All Rights Reserved 2012/ Bridgeman Art Library. Purchased, 1966. Museums Sheffield
East Lothian Landscape, Scotland
Date Made/Found: 1963
Artist: Elizabeth Blackadder , British, born 1931
Vendor: Elizabeth Blackadder , British, born 1931
Material and Medium: watercolour, pencil and crayon on paper
Dimensions: Frame: 802 x 1004 x 41mm Sight size: 544 x 744mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.4477
Elizabeth Blackadder’s loose and expressive drawing was influenced by the flattened perspective and empty rural space of Japanese art. Here, Blackadder merely suggests aspects of the landscape’s features using frenetic lines and brushstrokes that imbue energy into the open composition. Native to Scotland, Blackadder frequently drew and painted Scottish landscapes, often using a mixture of media – here paint, pencil and crayon – to evoke the wilderness and the weather.
Display Location: In Store
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