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Courtesy Katerina Seda © Jonty Wilde, 2011. Commissioned by Museums Sheffield through the Contemporary Art Society’s Annual Award for Museums, 2009/10. Museums Sheffield
Líšen Profile
Date Made/Found: 2011
Artist: Katerina Šedá , Czech, born 1977
Vendor: Katerina Šedá , Czech, born 1977
Material and Medium: pen and ink on paper
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.5491
Líšen Profile was a project commissioned by Museums Sheffield that resulted in an archive of 511 sketches. Katerina Šedá's work mainly centres on her hometown of Líšen in the Czech Republic. She is interested in the loss of community and looks for ways to reconnect people through her work. Šedá invited 511 participants of all ages from different places across the Czech Republic to come to Líšen and draw a skyline of its centre. Each participant then had to find a person whose profile looked like their drawing. The residents of Líšen then voted for the profile that they felt most resembled their town.
Display Location: Millennium Gallery

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